About Us

Muster Point is owned and operated by couple Danielle Malcolm and Kyle Wolsky out of Lindsay, Ontario.  The pair have a wealth of hospitality experience between them and have spent the last 10 years travelling and working in various restaurants, pubs, cafes and eateries in British Columbia and Australia.  After relocating to Danielle's hometown of Lindsay earlier in the year, the couple have been working hard to launch a small business that showcases their talents and passion.  Danielle is a cheese and charcuterie connoisseur and has spent the last two months scouring Ontario for the best, locally-made cheese and meats.  With a passion for enjoying life with great friends, food and drinks,  Danielle and Kyle use their expertise in tasting menus to bring these amazing local products together in a curated, delicious grazing parcel, delivered conveniently to your door.