Catering & Bartending

Muster Point offers beautiful grazing boards set up at the location of your choice for all your catering needs. Danielle and Kyle are both smart-serve certified and have 20 years of bartending and serving experience between them.

Grazing Boards

Standard Package - $22 per person
- large hand-made walnut charcuterie board rental
- ceramic dipping bowls and ramekins rental
- assorted cheese knives and utensil rental
- board set-up and after event collection
- napkins
- full cheese and charcuterie spread (assorted cheese, meats, baguette, crackers, olives, pickles, nuts, berries, fresh fruit and dips)

- side plate rental + $10 per dozen

- individual cutlery rental + $5 per dozen

*** Muster Point is committed to creating memorable moments for all your catering needs. If there are any additional items you would like for your grazing board or event (eg. sweets, desserts etc.) we will work with you to create a unique service perfect for you.

Sandwich Trays

Our sandwich trays come as a variety of 24 mini-subs with a dijon mustard mayonnaise spread, shredded lettuce and loaded with different combinations of our artisan cheese and deli meats

Sandwich Tray (24 mini-subs) - $90.00

Premium Focaccia Italian Deli Sandwiches


House baked focaccia bread, mixed Italian style toppings, artisan cheese and deli meats. Please see our Focaccia Sandwich Menu for our delicious variations that you can choose from for your event. (Number of sandwiches customizable)

1 tray of 24 sandwiches (our full sandwiches cut in half) for $180

Salad Bowls

$60 per bowl (enough for a side portion for 10-15ppl)

Our Salads can be totally customizable if you had a certain salad that you wanted but here are some options that we tend to go with:
- Spinach Salad with berries, goat cheese, pine nuts, red onion, balsamic vinaigrette 
- Romaine Salad with mandarin slices, honey goat cheese, roasted sliced almonds, bacon, tarragon sweet caesar dressing
- Butter lettuce, pear, crumbled blue cheese, walnuts with lemon vinaigrette 
- Classic Caesar Salad with romaine, home made garlic croutons, bacon, Parmesan and creamy caesar dressing.

Individual Gift Boxes

Our miniature boxes are a great alternative to full catered set-up. The boxes are 4" x 4" and come with one cheese, one meat, jam, mustard, baguette and our classic accompaniments and garnish.
$19.00 per box (minimum order of 10)


Bar Service

Standard Package - $90/hr
- two bartenders/servers
- beer, wine, mixed drink service
- tray service, table maintenance, clean-up
- lemon/lime garnish
- some ice and cooler
- water station

Cocktail Package – $90/hr (standard package services) plus $2.50 per cocktail. The price per cocktail covers cost of simple syrup, mixes, lemon/lime juice and appropriate garnish for the cocktail.

Take advantage of Muster Point’s incredibly experienced bartenders by creating a signature cocktail menu for your next event. Check out our list of favorites or we can design any cocktail to suit your preference.

When pricing our cocktail package we base our quotes starting at 2 cocktail per guest.
Example: 50 person event with a 2 signature cocktail menu.
Old Fashioned - 50 cocktails x $2.50 = $125.00
Margarita         - 50 cocktails x $2.50 = $125.00
                                               TOTAL = $250.00

The number of cocktails can be adjusted accordingly based on your preferences, however we do need to know the number of each cocktail to be made before the event so we have enough ingredients on site.

All cocktails are made with home made simple syrups, fresh squeezed citrus and are appropriately garnished.
- plastic cups + $0.50pp
*** alcohol, liquor and mix not included
*photo credit Charlieophotography